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Water/Stain Resistant Indestructible Dog Crate

You will love this indestructible dog crate that is water and stain resistant so that your crate doesn't look horrible incase of a spill in it from your the furry friend.  This crate is nice because of the two doors that are on it.  This makes for easy access for you and your dog.  This crate is perfect for even large dogs because the crate measures Overall Size:48"(W)x30"(D)x36"(H), Cage Size:48"(W)x30"(D)x32"(H).

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Indestructible Dog Crate by CC

This dog crate gets 5 stars with our reviews because of the durability even when a dog is chewing on the bars.  the door on top allows you to easily access the dog.

Also it's already assembled which makes it easy to set up.

Indestructible Dog Crate For Great Prices

Here's another great indestructible dog crate that your dog won't be able to chew thru it.  I love this crate because you can access your dog from the top as well.  I was worried about the top latch maybe being a weak point but it wasn't.  It held up great to a dog even beating againest the top.

Here are some great features about this indestructible dog crate.  I got this great crate idea from this Dog Toy Review Site and their are lots of great ideas for more toys and products.

  • This is the heavy duty pet crate is constructed with the 3/4" frame, forged from 20-gauge steel.
  • Heavy-duty welds & stout dual door latches.
  • Also includes a floor grate, removable tray & four removable-locking wheels.
  • Top and side doors for easy access

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Diamond Tread Indestructible Dog Crate-Sale

HAve a dog that loves to chew on bars of the crate?  If your looking for a indestructible dog crate that has the minimum amount of bars, but has great ventilation.  Even if your looking for a dog crate to use for hunting or transporting dogs to a show.

The only down fall to this crate is that it weighs 25 pounds.  This can be a little heavy when you add the dog to it.  Buy it's perfect for the hunters or anyone who looks to keep it stationary.  This crate is perfect for pitbull owners, it one of the top choices for pitbull owner.
  • 17 1/4" W X 30"L X 20"T ~ BOX WT. 25 LBS

Indestructible Dog Crates Sale-Many Colors, Sizes

Have a puppy or a dog that likes to chew thru that crate you bought at the pet store?  Some dogs weren't meant to be contained in a basic crate.  Sometimes you need a Indestructible Dog Crate that is built to withhold a chewing.
Their are some key features of this dog crate that makes it durable and better than normal crates. Here are some of the features.  The feature I love most is the steel tray so it can't be destroyed like the other plastic trays that come in normal dog crates and end up breaking.
  • Comes in Colors Black, Blue and Pink
  • Comes in Different Sizes
  • Outside dimensions are 42 1/4"L x 30 3/4"W x 41 1/4"H
  • Inside dimensions are 40 3/4"L x 28 1/8"W x 31 3/4"H
  • Locking casters are removable, they are 4 inches high
  • Includes a floor grate
  • Steel tray
  • frame is forged from 20 gauge steel and reinforced by 1/2" diameter steel tubes
  • Finished in a long lasting, high grade hammer tone for rust resistance and durability